Annual Tractor Show in Fredericksburg, TX

Fredericksburg, TX is known for its fine community, rooted in German Heritage.  Every year in June, they host an annual tractor show for vintage and antique tractor enthusiasts.  Machine Doctor sets up his "wares" and hands out business cards.  Sometimes he buys from others, or makes trade/barter deals, but above all the show is a way for us to get our name out there and just have some fun!

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 We accept PayPal, and checks and money orders through the mail are also accepted. Utilize our contact form or call 325-251-6577 and leave your name, phone number where we can reach you, and your lot number or query, and we will find the inventory and call you back with confirmation.  Any questions can be addressed at this number as well.  Feel free to write us letters.

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Meet the Doctor

If you'd like to visit Ned, aka The Machine Doctor, in person, you often can find him at his shop near Pontotoc, TX, on the main curve at 109 CR 411.  Please only serious customers.

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